Friend rich.

I’ve had a lot of friend love lately and had to share.


Copper dogwood ring.

My precious friend Lisa got me a bouquet of zinnias and this lovely copper dogwood ring for my birthday.  She got them at the Green Market yesterday and surprised me!

Mail love.


I arrived home yesterday to a mail happy from my friend Cat in England.  She sent me a pack of Adele CDs and this precious “Love” heart that I plan to use for a planter decoration.

And my friend Emily is making me a beaded bracelet in gorgeous earthy, hippie colored beads!

And last but certainly not least, my BFF Tracy has a new job that will bring her to town almost every week!  So… we will get to have lunch together every week which hasn’t happened since… well, since we were in college together, I guess!  Yippppeeee!

How did I become so lucky as to have so many wonderful friends?  As Emily Dickenson said, “My friends are my estate.”



4 thoughts on “Friend rich.

  1. Loving this friend love! What thoughtful friends! You are lucky to have these dear hearts nearby!

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