This day.

Oh my wow.  Today has been such a super-duper-amazing day that I just had to pause and write it all out.  The universe blesses me so richly.

Today was payday which is always nice and it was the first day that it has really and truly felt like fall.  A crisp hint of apple cider and sweaters and boots danced all around me as I walked Tessie.  Love that.

My Mom brought me a pumpkin pie soy latte (no foam) to work this morning which was such a yummy and perfect treat.  My friend Zack took me to lunch at one of my favorite places in town and my friend Sopa who owns this restaurant made up the most scrummy vegan curry vegetable dish ever.  Also, the proprietor of the new cafe across the street from my office stopped in today and let me know that she would have vegan ice cream options as well as vegan lunch options including vegan “chickn” salad and vegan hotdogs.  I’m so stoked on this.  Things for me to eat!  Wahoo!

I also got this gorgeous painting in the mail today and am so absolutely in love with it.  I love adding to my original art collection.  In other Etsy news, I’m only four sales away from 1,800!  Hooray!

I went after work and got a lovely new light for my kitchen; home improvement stores always make me so happy.  I met up with Mom there and we went to Goodwill where I found a fabulous old skinny spindle shelf and a glass ale beaker with a wooden stand.  I’ve been wanting one of those to put flowers in so… score!  After Goodwill, Mom and I went to have sushi for dinner and now I have a nice, full belly. 

I also decided this week to take up making mini-books as a new hobby.  I have ordered a starter kit and a Crop-a-Dile mamma-jamma hole puncher.  I love books, love journaling and love saving every piece of paper that comes my way so why not combine those loves?  I’ll be posting more about this later.

However, the biggest piece of news from today… I can’t tell yet.  I want to!!!  But, I have to keep it under wraps a bit longer.  Just suffice it to say that this outstanding piece of mystery news really put my good day over the top to amazingly outstanding today!

(I’ll give you a hint:  I’m not getting married nor have I fallen in love [with a human anyway… I held a super-cute dog this afternoon…].  Just didn’t want any of you getting away with yourselves.  Ha!)

I’ve got a fun-filled weekend planned starting with a visit from family on Friday night and a trip to Memphis for the Cooper-Young Festival on Saturday.

Next week will be wonderfully busy as I’m going to Nashville see my exchange “sister” who is visiting from Germany on Wednesday and Thursday and then going to the coast for a conference starting Saturday.

Can you tell?  I’m a lucky girl.  Life is good.  ❤


4 thoughts on “This day.

  1. Love the painting and all else that made your day fabulous!

    You so deserve such greatness!

    And guess what? I too have a Crop-o-Dile! I inherited from one of my best girl friends when she sold out of her stamping-card-making-business. A handy tool, indeed.

    Here is to all grand adventures to come! Love everything that is ~becoming~ right now in your life. And so glad to be a part of it!

    Happiest trails!

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