Moving inward.

It seems like I’ve been away from home and out of touch for forever now.  I’ve been moving from one thing to the next waiting for this thing or that to be over so that I can have some down-time.  Some me-time.  Some time at home.  Thankfully, that time will be here after Saturday’s Market.

I’ve kind of been all over the place, especially in the past two weeks or so.

I was in Memphis for the Cooper-Young Festival, which was a blast.  Then I went to Columbia, Tennessee to see my exchange niece who is visiting from Germany.  I spent the night and we shopped, ate good food and had great coffee.  I also got to see my sister and my precious nephew.  It was a really great time!

In between those trips, I got sick with a sinus infection, had to take an afternoon off work to see the doctor and got two shots and prescriptions enough to loop me up for awhile.  I still don’t feel like I’m totally over it.  Cough/snort.

Immediately following my return from visiting my family, I packed up and hit the road again, this time to a work conference on the Mississippi Coast. 

Anyone who has traveled for business knows that while there are definite perks to these sorts of things, there is also a certain amount of tedium.  That being said, the perks were nice.  I got a king-sized room on the 26th floor to myself, complete with a thermostat I could do whatever I wanted to with and a GINORMOUS glass surround shower.  (I could have stayed the whole time in the shower, I think.)  I also got to go on a limo tour of the Coast (on a sort of scavenger hunt), had very nice nightly dinners and receptions, ate very good food, had an hour-long deep tissue massage and sauna visit, got door prizes, goodies and happies, all the free magazines I could possible want and won $59 on the slot machines.  So, it wasn’t all bad. 

Even so, I was so glad to get home and am so glad to BE home.  I missed my babies so much and missed… just being home.

I feel like fall has sort of crept up on me and I’m scared to death of missing any of it.  Fall to me means cooking sweet potato and pumpkin and butternut squash recipes, decorating my porch with pretty fall flowers and then sitting on it in the early morning crisp air with a cup of coffee and later on in the day with a cup of cider.  It means decorating my mantle and cleaning my house from top to bottom and switching out bedding and closets to warmer, fleecy things.  It means going for long walks and visiting the farmer’s market and stocking my kitchen with every good thing.  It means having spicy candles burning whenever I’m home and planning get togethers and having people over and sending pumpkin spice soap to all my friends.  It means picking up pretty golden leaves and pine cones and twigs and propping them up around my house.  It means thinking about Christmas and starting that list and organizing my scarf collection.   It means planting mustard greens and collard greens and washing Tessa’s sweaters and getting out Delali’s favorite blanket.  It means living in daily awe of the gorgeous changing colors of nature and pondering the miracle of this earth knowing just what to do with itself at just the right time. 

Fall to me means bundling up, slowing down and gradually moving into hibernation, which can only be done at home.

I’m glad that I have some time at home coming up.  I’ve already got a list started of things I want to do this fall.  In addition to all of the above, a few of them are:

  • Making this Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew recipe
  • Playing in my mini-books
  • Having a weekend marathon of The Office
  • Finally having a clothes swap at my house
  • Having a “healthy me” fall challenge
  • Catching up with my Etsy store
  • Doing some sort of fall craft, although I’ve not decided what
  • Getting a few small repurposing projects out of the way
  • Generally getting things more organized and orderly around here!!!

These are just a few of the things I have my heart set on doing at home in the coming weeks.  What would you add?


2 thoughts on “Moving inward.

  1. OOOh…Heaven on earth, you are, my dear girl!

    This is a beautiful post, thank you for sharing! I must make a similar post, you have so inspired me (what else is new?!)

    That Sweet Potato and Peanut stew…will be made by me this week! YUM!

    And like Jenn before me..I am so happy to be sharing the love of fall with you, too!

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