12 x 12: A To-Do List

Danni has done it again.  She has come up with an awesome way to get motivated and get things done and join others in doing the same.

And oh how I do love lists.

I love the idea so here goes.  Note:  My list isn’t going to be about doing stuff around the house or crafts, etc.  It is solely about me! 

My list of 12 before 2012:

  1. Lose ten pounds.
  2. Go on a date.
  3. Spend a weekend in Nashville.
  4. Grow my nails out so I can do this to them at Christmas-time.
  5. Have my hair trimmed but ultimately…
  6. Grow hair out as much as possible.
  7. Fill up the rest of this year’s journal.
  8. Start a consistent and stable walking routine.
  9. Ditto with meditation practice.
  10. Invest in some good pillows.
  11. Renew passport.
  12. Read Jane Eyre.



6 thoughts on “12 x 12: A To-Do List

  1. Whoa, weird! The list right before yours has the same #1 goal as you! That is legit! Love all your goals, they are so simple & fun. Go for reading Jane Eyre, it is a great read! I have getting good pillows on my side-list, really need some! Good luck, thanks for participating! 🙂 – Danni

  2. Oh, this is fabulous! I must make my own list now…Thank you, my sweet muse!

    Let’s both do our nails like this for holidays…and post as our profile pictures 🙂 Yay!

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