Somebody has been at my porridge!

What is this?  Mush, right? NO!  Well, yes, but yummy mush.

Most of the time, especially in summer, I eat Vegan Overnight Oats and they are totally yummy.  They are, however, cold.  I mean, stone cold.  No warmth there.

And, as the temperatures fall a bit and I look out onto golden leaves and mums and pumpkins and limbs going bare and all those delectable fall delights, I want a bit of warmth in my belly. 

I picked up some oat bran cereal the other day at Kroger.  This isn’t really like oatmeal or cream of wheat.  It is very fine and cooks up into a sort of porridge.  It is very good and HOT but I wanted a bit of something to add into it.

So, I put some almost gone apples, craisins, canned pumpkin and blackstrap molasses into the VitaMix and gave it a whir.

Added to my porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter, it is so delicious and very filling.  And it sticks to my ribs, which is what I look for on these cooler mornings.

I made up enough to last the week.  I’ll put it into a refrigerator bowl and get some out each morning as a porridge additive.

Love fall mornings.
Love yummy warm things.
Love my VitaMix.



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