The best part of waking up…

I finally got a Chemex and I love love love it.  It makes the best cuppa ever and is actually kind of therapeutic to use.  Nothing to plug in, no electricity to use (except boiling the water), sleek lines and that great aroma.  Every good thing about making coffee (and more) and the best cup of joe ever.  I may as well FreeCycle my coffee maker as I don’t anticipate going back to it.  The Chemex is just that good.

And to avoid filter waste, check this out:

(Click photo to buy from Etsy.)

These work beautifully and you just rinse them out and hang to dry.  Eco-Chemex-Chic.  Love that.

I ❤ my Chemex.

(I don’t LOVE the leather tie around it but I got a vintage one and they all seem to have that so I have to live with it.)


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