My first vegan Thanksgiving.

Although I’ve been vegetarian for a good long while, I only went “whole hog” (bad pun) at the start of 2011.  So then, this was my first vegan Thanksgiving.

And it was DELICIOUS!!!

Everything on that plate is vegan.  Do you have any idea how happy that makes me?  Oh yes, VERY happy!  This is what I had:

Quorn roast w/ potatoes, black sweet potatoes, carrots & asparagus
Spiced beets
Mushroom gravy (recipe here)
Green beans
Mashed potatoes (with more gravy!)
Brussel sprout salad with endive, persimmons and pecans
Fresh cranberry sauce
And the best vegan dressing ever thanks to my wonderful Mom! ♥

I also made a pumpkin pie (recipe here) but I burned the crust which really didn’t do favors for the end result.  Oh well… I had coffee instead.  Mmmm.

So, (my first vegan) Thanksgiving was a great success!  A great time was had by all (except my cat who wasn’t happy at all to be away from home … c’est la vie.)

In other food-related news, I’m very glad that Cuties are in stores again.  I love them!

So, now that Thanksgiving is over, I guess it is on to Christmas, right?  Just 26 days away, folks!  Are you ready?


10 thoughts on “My first vegan Thanksgiving.

  1. …And the mushroom gravy recipe calls for butter – also not vegan, I don’t think. But it does look appetizing. We eat with our eyes!

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  3. Looks great and very yummy. What are black sweet potatoes (apologies for ignorance; are they much different from the regular kind?)? I had some mashed sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and some more again today, very yummy (and they were local — our neighbor grew them!)!

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