Ode to Anthropologie.

It is no secret that I.  LOVE.  ANTHROPOLOGIE.

I tell people time and again that mainly I just love going into the store and looking at how they’ve displayed and styled things and what all I can turn into a fun DIY.  Of course, I also like shopping there too but since they tend to be pretty spendy, I try to buy things on sale.  (You know, because I can’t see spending $188 on a pair of lounge pants tend to be cheap.)

I went to Anthropologie at Saddle Creek in Germantown, TN on Thursday evening to finish up a bit of Christmas shopping (some of you will be quite happy!)  I saw several displays that I really loved, including a tree hanging upside down from the ceiling, decorated and all.  I only got two pictures of things I liked though and want to share them here.


This is nothing more than a styrofoam ball painted a pale gray and then covered in run-of-the-mill clear plastic spoons.  How cute is that?

Next up are little winter scenes made out of old jars and salt shakers.  Again, all there is to this is fake snow, a tiny tree and a jar.  Voila!  And they were selling these for $18 a pop.  Uh… yeah.  Even so, super cute and totally DIY-able.

(Forgive the crappy pictures… They were taken on my not-so-smart phone.)

They also had stacks of old Reader’s Digest books with belts around them and they looked really cute.  I have two lots of old Reader’s Digest books in my store, here and here.

They also had clever things like plain old vases painted bright colors, ordinary clear holiday balls with a bit of fake snow grouped together to hang from the ceiling, and plenty of stuff that I can’t remember.

It is like a playground for all the senses to go in there.  I absolutely love it.

Now, for a couple of items from Anthro that I don’t like to be without. My favorite, most-purchased items from Anthropologie are the Voluspa Candles, specifically the Santiago Huckleberry.  They smell amazing and really fill my house with a great aroma, even when they aren’t burning!  They are three-wick, in beautiful tins and really last a long time.  They make amazing gifts too.  This time, however, I branched out and bought a candle I’ve been tempted by many times when in the store: the Capri Blue Volcano candle in the mercury jar.  So beautiful!  I’ve not burned it yet but it too smells great just sitting around, not burning.  The sign of a good candle.  I also got a holiday candle – the Winter Sips Mulled Cider.  The clerk swore by this candle, saying she had bought up five of them to have on hand and they had already sold out once this season and had to be reordered.  So, I had to get one.  I’ve not burned it yet but plan to today.  I think I’m going to like it a lot.

I also bought something at my last visit to Anthropologie that will be a staple from now on.  I love it so much!  Wow!  It is… drumroll please… the Smith’s Minted Rosebud Salve.  I had been using Burt’s Bees lip balm but it really quit working as well as I would like.  I’ve heard good things about this rosebud salve before so I got some.  Love love love it.  Works perfectly, smells divine and comes in the cutest tin.  I highly recommend it!

I also love their Monogrammed Mugs for gifts… they are perfect!  I have one myself and it is one of my favorite mugs.  They are very reasonable at $6 each too.  Can’t beat that!

So, clearly, I love Anthropologie.  I also think it did a bit toward getting me into the Christmas spirit this year.  A little bit anyway.  And for that I’m thankful.

In other holiday-related news, this is my new favorite Christmas song.  Love love!!


(This post had 666 words in it exactly so I had to go back and add this sentence to correct that situation.  Yes, I’m totally superstitious.)


4 thoughts on “Ode to Anthropologie.

  1. Those candles sound divine; I love the packaging (LOVE mercury glass). I’m 99.99999% sure that Martha Stewart has a tutorial for making your own snow-globes (too hurried to look for it — someone’s just driven up); wish we could make some together!

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