Modality Review: Power of Breathing

I recently bought an audio recording called The Power of Breathing.

I’m a big fan of natural healing modalities and breathwork is, of course, a big one, one of the main ones, I’d say.  I decided to pay more attention to breathwork because of reduced lung capacity resulting from being on breathing machines with both back surgery and heart surgery.  I get short of breath very easily and figured working to enhance that couldn’t hurt.

This audio is very much like a guided meditation except that it focuses solely on your breathing.  There are three levels and an introduction.  You can listen to the intro once and then go through each level, spending enough time on one level to get completely comfortable with it before moving on to the next level.  I guess once you work up to Level 3 then you just do that one forevermore.  I don’t know.

To be perfectly honest, I’m trained as a yoga teacher so I can do breathwork on my own should I like to.  However, the guidance is really helpful to me.  I like going by something that is timed out, that reminds you to inhale and exhale and that has a method so this works nicely for me.

A bit first about the actual recording.

This recording is about as simple as it gets.  It has a dulcet voice telling you when to inhale, hold and “out” (as they say on the recording).  It has a lovely stream sound in the background and each time they say to exhale (aka. “out”), the stream makes a loud gushing noise.  So, perhaps instead of simple, I should say that it is about as predictable as it gets.  But, you don’t really need or want shock and awe with a breathwork recording, huh?

This is NOT like a lot of meditations.  There is no instruction to “closer your eyes and focus on the backs of your eyelids and gently let go of any thoughts that enter your mind.”  This isn’t that.  I likened it to a meditation previously because the very basis of meditation is to focus on your breath and this recording does just that.  It just doesn’t also admonish you to shoo away your thoughts and have a totally clear mind.  The focus of this recording is your breath.  Period.

I also really like that the sessions are very reasonable in length.  You aren’t going to be sitting doing breathwork for an hour or so.  The first one is about ten minutes and they grow just a wee bit in length with each level.  Ten minutes is totally doable and won’t hyperventilate you either, which is nice.

So, what are the results, you ask?  Well, I’ve not been doing this modality long but I can tell you that it feels good when I’m in the process of doing it.  Oddly, it makes me feel very sleepy right after I finish the recording.  I think that will pass though once I work my way up in the practice.  The key is consistency, of course.  You have to do this daily at least for benefit, which is very easy to do with how the recording is set up.

I plan to report again on results when I’ve been at it longer than I have been so far.

So, I have all positive things to say about the recording, the length, the ease of using it, the customer service (they were very helpful and prompt in response to questions I had) and the length of time it took to receive the CD.  All good things.  I only have two things I’m not so gung-ho on.  Price and format.  I paid $47 for this recording (it is being offered for $37 in the month of March).  For what it is, $47 is firmly on the high side.  And the format.  It is an actual, hard-copy CD.  It would be so lovely if they offered a downloadable version alongside the hard-copy.  Seems like a lot of waste to send a hard-copy from the UK whenever someone wants to try this out.

Overall, yes, breathwork is a great thing to try out.  This is a good way to do it if you want a good breath workout in a compact amount of time.

Disclosure:  The Power of Breathing is refunding my purchase price in exchange for this review. 


2 thoughts on “Modality Review: Power of Breathing

  1. what a great review! i have been doing hot yoga regularly since january and it is my therapy and exercise regimen in one. i can’t imagine how great it must be to be trained and able to practice on your own!

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