Cuppow wow.

Cuppow:  My favorite thing of the moment.

FYI:  I bought mine from Greyslater where shipping is MUCH more reasonable than through the Cuppow site.  And, to my delight, they used totally recycled packaging.  Bonus points.

I really figured I’d use my Cuppow the most for drinking coffee and hot tea but I actually use it the most for plain old water.  It is brilliant and, for some very odd reason that I can’t explain, makes me want to drink MORE water.

Is it just like an adult sippie cup?  Why yes, yes it is.  But… I love it!  Highly recommended!


One thought on “Cuppow wow.

  1. Oh neato! I haven’t used a mason jar to drink out of in forever, but this idea is clever enough to make me want to reach for one. (Sun tea, anyone?) : )

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