Three things I’m loving…

  1. In September 2011, my triglycerides were elevated at 184.  I had bloodwork done again a few weeks ago and they are down to 80!!  That is incredible and I’m so excited!  (Yes, excitement over triglycerides probably means I’m getting old.)   My nurse consultant was astonished at this drop and wanted to know what I had done.  I was vegan when they were high so that wasn’t it and we all know I’ve not secretly been exercising (oh no).  What then?  I cut out gluten.  That’s it.  Yes folks, it makes THAT much difference.
  2. Totally excited and amazed over EFT.  Just started and am so optimistic about the results!
  3. Sprouting seeds in my kitchen windowsill.  In the past couple weeks I have enjoyed sprouted lentils, adzuki beans, crimson clover, valencia peanuts (they were GOOD!), and buckwheat.  So very easy and nutritious!  All you need are seeds and jars and voila!

A mantra I’m loving now…


10 thoughts on “Three things I’m loving…

  1. I’m loving these things, too, and am so happy for you. That’s amazing about your triglycerides. I wonder if I could sprout the red lentils…. Any tips?

  2. I’m loving this post; that’s amazing about your triglycerides! Any tips on sprouting? Is it really just that easy?! I think I’ll have to give that a try now with some red lentils I have on hand (although I lack a sunny window, hmm).

  3. Agh, sorry — I had problems commenting the first time for some reason and thought I totally lost my original comment! This girl is having some technology problems lately (mercury retrograde again??)

  4. That’s great news! It’s been so long since I’ve sprouted… I’ll have to see what seeds I have on hand 🙂 Are you doing EFT on your own or with a practitioner? I had a few sessions with body work friends a couple years ago and found it truly powerful.

  5. How amazing is that! Many people are talking about the benefits of a gluten-free diet these days. Sprouts are a great healthfood! Thank you for visiting my blog! And keep getting better! 😀 I love that picture.

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