Jardin Potager

A lover of all things French, imagine my delight when I discovered that the type of garden I have each year is actually called a “potager” garden.

A potager garden is basically a utilitarian garden with things growing to be used in the kitchen but not at all lacking in pretty-ish features.


Although my garden has yet to be transplanted to the great outdoors, I do hope it will have many pretty-ish features.  As for being utilitarian, that it will definitely be!

I will be feasting on zipper cream peas, Christmas lima beans, Johnny Jump-Ups, bell pepper, ghost peppers, basil, parsley, dill, kale, gold and red beets, bok choy, chamomile, spinach mustard greens, chard, cucumbers, green onions, elephant garlic, mint and several varieties of tomatoes.  And, I still have hope for some other edible flowers that are taking their sweet time in budding up.



ImageThere are so many amazing things that come from gardening.  Firstly, it is just plain fun!  And it is so rewarding to go outside and pick what will be for dinner and know exactly what went into it’s production (in this garden… nothing but sunlight, good soil, heat and a bit of chamomile tea!) And, even more than that, it is such an amazing miracle to plant a seed in soil, do a few loving things for it and see it pop up and do precisely what it is meant to do in exactly the right time.  Such an amazing and perfect plan and such a privilege to witness!

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.  / saying by Robert Brault

(The top picture is not from my potager garden although… I do intend to craft a sign similar to that one.  :))